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    with quality, practical and relevant skills.

  • Succeed

    “Always bear in mind, that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other thing.” Abraham Lincoln

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    “Every day of your life is another lesson. If you learn the lesson well and apply it; whether positive or negative, you determine what happens in your tomorrow.” ― David Kofi Awusi

About Us

Elimu Maisha Kenya

Elimu Maisha Kenya Ltd is an educational based company in Kenya that specializes in training and consultancy. Established in 2015, we target mainly teenagers in high school but work closely with teachers and parents with the aim of empowering and equipping the young people with skills beyond the classroom.
We offer a varied range of educational services, which are specifically tailored to exactly meet each and every client’s needs. Together we discover ways of working that result in positive outcomes and ultimately lead to transformation in the students’ lives both within and outside the school. The end result is the development of an all-round citizen that can fit and meet the need of the rapidly changing world.

The Vision

To be the best providers of training and support to the young people in a rapidly changing world.


To passionately offer training and support through empowering the young people with quality, practical and relevant skills beyond the classroom so that they can develop into holistic citizens in a rapidly changing society.

Core Values

Dependable, Client Focused

Nurturing, Respect

Innovative, Committed


The Team

Driven by Passion.

Elimu Maisha Kenya is led by a passionate team with many years of experience in training and education.



The Elimu Maisha Kenya’s Youth Retreat Program targeting high school boys and girls aged between 13 and 19 years old runs during school holidays yearly. It is organized along thematic topics that focus on personal development, communication and problem solving skills that are practical, highly interactive, and informative and entertaining. These retreats are aimed at leveraging the next generation with skills not taught in the classroom so that they can realize their full potentials both in school and life.

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In School Programs

Elimu Maisha Kenya is available to visit individual schools and provide onsite training which can be tailored to their specific needs. The Company offers a range of thematic subjects. Our thematic workshops are particularly appropriate for teachers and students either at the beginning of the school year or at other strategic times in the school calendar.



Teacher's Workshop

Starting 2016, Elimu Maisha Kenya will start organizing workshops targeting teachers in both primary and secondary schools in conjunction with the school administration. These workshops will target topics that will ultimately help teachers equip the young people with skills that will not only excel in school but also succeed in real life.

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Elimu Maisha Core Activities


    Supporting Educators

    Education Seminar

    Offering training, coaching support and mentorship to teachers, parents and students both onsite and offsite.


    Youth Retreats

    HTML5 & CSS3

    During school holidays we conduct holiday retreat camps in for youths in various towns on thematic topics.



    jQuery Master Class

    Continues research on best practices in order to be the best providers of training and support to the young people in a rapidly changing world.


We partner with various organizations and enterprises that have a common vision.

If you are such an enterprise or organization feel free to talk to us. Together we can achieve much more.




    Youth Retreat Program December 2015

    Theme: “Knowing Oneself”

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    It will be a single sex event that will be held on separate dates for boys and girls aged between 13 and 19 years old.

    The retreat will be very practical, highly interactive, informative as well as fun and entertaining

    The teenagers will learn self-awareness skills. In this way they will be able to understand themselves, know their strengths, weaknesses, interests, personality, skills and importance of goal setting and choosing the right careers

    By attending the Retreat, the young people will:

    • Understand the importance of self-assessment

    • Identify interests, personality and skills

    • Set big goals that are SMART.

    • Take an assessment about career paths that align with their skill

    Parents! Are Your Adolescent Children?

    • Lacking focus and motivation

    • unsure about their skills, talents and career aspirations

    • In need of support on setting goals and high expectations

    Then this retreat will greatly benefit your children

    For More Information and Booking Contact:

    Mobile +254 727 648 070

  • 2015

    Meet our Executive Director

    Lilian is an educationist with experience in teaching, training, coaching and mentoring.

    Her passion is not only to see students succeed in school but also in the real world. Her great drive for meaningful education that is practical and relevant in young people’s lives saw her resign from her job and pursue her dream of equipping the youths with life skills.

    She holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Mathematics and Chemistry from Egerton University and currently completing her Masters in Curriculum Studies from Kenyatta University.

    Lilian worked as an Instructional Coach at Dignitas Project Kenya, where she was involved with developing content for teacher training, and conducting professional workshops and facilitation for school leaders and teachers.

    Prior to this she had over ten years’ experience as a classroom teacher in leading high schools in Kenya. She taught Mathematics and Chemistry at Alliance and Keveye Girls’ High Schools.

    Voluntarily, she has been a mentor at Akili Dada an organization that empowers young women to pursue education and leadership opportunities.

    She is also a member of Women Educational Research of Kenya (WERK), a research based organization that aims at improving the education standards in the country through creative research.

  • 2015

    Anthony Ochieng offers high school education sponsorship.

    News Image

    He is a security expert with many years of experience.

    A former Inspector of Police in the C.I.D., he worked as a Security Manager at Sony Sugar Co. Ltd., Nation Media Group Ltd., and ICIPE, Kasarani.

    He currently offers legal services as a Law Clerk and Paralegal in Toronto, Canada.

    Anthony is passionate about education in his country Kenya.

    His dream is to see all children excel after school. This has seen him be actively involved in various educational activities in the country.

    He has sponsored children from disadvantaged background with school fees to ensure that they get quality education in high school.

    He is an active supporter of relevant learning and believes that every child can succeed in life if given the right support.


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